History of Holy Rosary Academy

Holy Rosary Academy was established in 1947 under the guidance of Monsignor Thomas A. Matthew, with the help of the parishioners of Holy Rosary Parish, and the leadership of Bishop Charles Buddy from the Diocese of San Diego. The original school structure was a two story building on the Southeast corner of Arrowhead Avenue and 26th Street. The building was equipped with eight classrooms which accommodated grades 1 through 8. The school was staffed by the Dominican Sisters of Houston, Texas, and Kindergarten was added in 1973. Due to area growth and high enrollment, a one story building on the opposite side of Arrowhead Avenue was built to accommodate the expansion of the school. In 1955, the building located at 2620 North Arrowhead Avenue was put into use. At that time there were two classes of every grade. Grades 1 through 4 remained in the two story structure on the East side of the street, while grades 5 through 8 utilized the new one story building on the West side of the street. Today, the one story building currently houses grades K through 4 in addition to the Learning Resource Center, school offices, extended care services, storage areas, and a faculty lounge. Although each classroom has the capacity to facilitate 30 students, our goal in grades K through 4 is not to exceed 25 students. In January of 2005, through the collaboration of the school and Parish, we were able to add four modular classrooms for grades 5 through 8. The portable building also includes student and faculty restroom facilities. The addition of these modular classrooms has allowed us to combine our entire campus on one side of the street and has increased school spirit and unity. The original school structure on the Southeast corner is now being used strictly by the Parish.