From the Bishop

Bishop Rojas issues message of solidarity with Tongan community following tsunami

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Peace and wellbeing to you and your families. I would like to invite you to join me and many others in prayer and solidarity with the Tongan Communities in our Diocese...View PDF: English (1/26/2022)

Bishop Rojas´ Letter of Continuing Commitment to Child & Youth Protection

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Our local Church continues to confront the issue of clergy sexual abuse of minors. We have done much over the past two decades to address this terrible sin, putting strong structures and policies in place to prevent it...View PDF: Bilingual (8/16/2021)

Bishop Rojas response to Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter, Traditionis custodes

Peace and well-being to you. Please know of my continued blessings and prayers for you and yours as you journey in our beautiful Catholic faith. May we always keep in our hearts and minds that God walks with us, in both good times and challenging times...View PDF: Statment | Decree (7/27/2021)

Bishop Rojas message on lifting the dispensation from Sunday Mass

As a Diocesan community, we have eagerly awaited the time when our parishes, ministries and schools could safely reopen, in accordance with public health guidelines. Although the risks and impacts of COVID-19 in California have significantly diminished, we are not yet truly in a pandemic-free world....View PDF: English | Spanish (6/16/2021)

Bishop Rojas message to the diocesan community on COVID-19 vaccination

Peace and well-being to you as we enter this time of Pentecost, the moment when our Church went ”public“ with the saving message of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are beginning to resume more public activities as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic lessen in our Diocese...View PDF: Bilingual (5/21/2021)

Bishop Rojas message of solidarity with asylum seekers

As we complete our Lenten journey this year we see once again the reality of so many thousands of brothers and sisters coming to our Southern border, seeking survival and safety for themselves and their children. They are seeking political asylum in our country and are legally authorized to be here while their cases are being adjudicated...View PDF: Bilingual (4/1/2021)

Bishop Rojas message of support to the Asian Pacific Communities

We give thanks to God for the great gift of diversity that is present in our Diocese. We cherish the varied expressions of our Catholic faith that come from our many cultures....View PDF: Trilingual (3/29/2021)