From Bishop Gerald Barnes

Bishop Barnes on the Senate Bill 360

A matter of great urgency related our ability as Catholics to freely provide and receive the Sacrament of Confession in California has arisen in the form of a proposed law, Senate Bill 360....View PDF: Bilingual (5/24/2019)

Bishop Barnes on the Victim Compensation Program

As we continue in the journey of reparation and repentance for our sins in the clergy sexual abuse crisis, I am announcing today that the Diocese of San Bernardino will participate in a statewide Independent Compensation Program that seeks to bring healing to victim-survivors...View PDF: Bilingual (9/16/2019)

Bishop Barnes on Sexual Abuse

In these summer months we have been faced with several reports in the national and international news of misconduct by Church leaders in the area of sexual abuse...View PDF: English | Spanish (8/16/2018)

Bishop Barnes on cancellation of DACA

With today's announcement that President Donald Trump will rescind the DACA Program I want to express my prayer and solidarity...View PDF: English | Spanish (9/05/2017)

Bishop Barnes on Charlottesville & Spain

Our nation and our world continue to be plagued by violent hostility and a tragic disregard for the precious life that God has given all of His children...View PDF: English | Spanish (8/30/2017)

Bishop Barnes on Travel Ban

The Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not just something of ancient history or the parables and stories we learned as children...View PDF: English | Spanish (1/31/2017)

Bishop Barnes on Prop 62

The death penalty has been legal in our state nearly 40 years. The coming election gives us as Catholics a chance to raise our prophetic voice...View PDF: English | Spanish (10/10/2016)

Bishop Barnes on the Orlando Shootings

Today, we are reflecting with great sadness and despair on the tragic loss of life that occurred early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida at the hands of a violent attacker...View PDF: English | Spanish (06/13/2016)

Bishop Barnes on the reality of Assisted Suicide

Today, we lament the reality of physician assisted suicide in our state as the law passed last year to allow it is now in effect. It is a sad reflection on our unwillingness as a society to embrace our dying and those who suffer...View PDF: English | Spanish (06/09/2016)

Bishop Barnes on the release of Apostoloic Exhortation Amoris Laeticia

Today, Pope Francis has released the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (“The Joy of Love: On Love in the Family�). This rich and inspiring document brings to a close the process of consultation, dialogue and discernment on matters of the family that began with Extraordinary Synod in 2014...View PDF: English | Spanish (04/07/2016)

Bishop Barnes' Letter on Catholic Schools

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, our Holy Father calls us to witness to mercy and to follow the example of God as merciful, forgiving and loving followers. An important vehicle for learning and living God’s mercy is the Catholic school. As we enter Catholic Schools Week...View PDF: English | Spanish (01/28/2016)

Bishop Barnes on the San Bernardino Shooting

Today, we have experienced another tragic act of public violence, this time in our own Diocese of San Bernardino. Please join me in praying for all of the victims of this horrific incident and their families...View PDF: English | Spanish (01/02/2015)

Bishop Barnes on the legalization of Assisted Suicidee

Today I am saddened and disappointed that a bill legalizing assisted suicide has been signed into law by Governor Brown. We believe that the time of our passing from earthly life is to be determined by God...View PDF: English | Spanish (10/06/2015)

Bishop Barnes on the Supreme Court ruling on marriage

I am disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling today because it represents further departure from the way our country’s legal system defines the institution of marriage. This new definition does not reflect Catholic thought and belief about marriage...View PDF: English | Spanish (06/26/2015)

Bishop Barnes on the release of Encyclical Laudato Si

Today we received from the Holy Father the Encyclical Laudato Si (“Praise be to you, my Lord�). Pope Francis comes to us in his capacity as pastor of our Universal Church to address the important subject of our care for the planet and, by extension, each other...View PDF: English | Spanish (06/18/2015)

Bishop Barnes on the Affordable Care Act

While the Affordable Care Act is far from perfect law, we recognize that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling today upholding federal subsidies for private insurance coverage under the ACA will allow millions of Americans to continue to receive health care coverage...View PDF: English