History of St. Martha

In February 1991, Bishop Philip Straling purchased 11.21 acres of land on Whitewood Road in Murrieta for the future St. Martha Church. Fr. Charles Schultz was appointed the first pastor and celebrated the first Mass on February 2, 1992, at the Murrieta Valley Town Hall, which was rented for the occasion.

A track home next to the Whitewood property was purchased to serve as the rectory and temporary parish office. Modular units were acquired and installed in September 1992 to create a temporary Worship Center.

Msgr. Thomas Wallace replaced Fr. Schultz to become the second pastor in July 1998 as the parish continued to grow and a new building campaign was launched.

Groundbreaking for a new church to seat 1,500 took place in late 2002. At present, the parish registers more than 3,250 families and families continue to apply daily. St. Martha's Religious Education Program enrolls more than 1400 students. Bishop Gerald Barnes confirmed 105 youth of the parish in April 2002 and 300 children received their First Communion in May.