History of Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, Mecca, was originally a Mission of Our Lady of Soledad Church, Coachella. Established as a parish in 1965, the church received its first resident pastor 20 years later.

Perhaps the greatest feast of the year is that of the parish patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is celebrated on December 12. The festivities begin on December 1 with the novena. Throughout the night on the eve of the feast, there is a special program of songs and praises in the Virgin's honor. This lasts until 4 a.m. when the congregation begins the traditional early morning song (mananitas).

Another event of a social character is the Reign of the Grape, a harvest celebration normally celebrated in June. A parade of the candidates for queen, music and the sale of food make this event a true family feast.