History of Our Lady of The Valley

The Most Rev. Charles F. Buddy, Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego, was most eager to establish a mission church in Hemet in 1945. In November he invited the Holy Ghost Fathers to make it possible.

In January 1946, Fr. James A. Hyland, C.S.Sp., was appointed pastor of the first Catholic Church to be erected in Hemet. It was dedicated and blessed by Bishop Buddy on December 13. Fr. Hyland gave the church its name Our Lady of the Valley.

Blessing and dedication of the new Mission-style church was held some 20 years later on May 19, 1968. As if January 2009, Our Lady of the Valley has 3,795 registered families who gather to celebrate the Eucharist. The parish has been blessed to have three novices of the Holy Ghost Fathers ordained as priests. The Holy Ghost Fathers continue to staff the parish.