History of San Secondo d`Asti

San Secondo d’Asti Catholic Church, Guasti, CA, is a church rich in heritage and tradition. Established by the late Mr. Secondo Guasti, founder of the community of Guasti and builder of San Secondo d’Asti church. Mr. Guasti emigrated from Italy, and like many others, started with nothing. Before long he was able to buy a very large stretch of land in the Cucamonga Valley and transport it from a desert into the largest vineyard in the world, establishing the Italian Vineyard Company in 1883. With strong religious convictions and love for their workers and their families, Mr. Guasti and his wife Louisa built this church in 1926, reminiscent of the church in his home town of Asti, Italy. This little church between Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga is recognized by its Californian mission style, elegant iron bell tower and beautiful rose gardens, as an architectural gem. Inside the church, the sanctuary is the focal point. The Holy Mass, first offered in 1926, continues to be celebrated every day by the current pastor, Fr. Louis Marx and his assistants. On October 3rd, 2008, San Secondo d’Asti Catholic Church celebrated it’s 82nd anniversary since it’s dedication. Starting with only migrant workers in attendance, Today, San Secondo d’Asti registers at 900 families with countless visitors from the Ontario Airport nearby. This church is part of the Inland Valley that has not been touched by our ever changing and fast paced lifestyles. Amidst the modern structures and businesses that surround it, parishioners and visitors can find a part of the old world and a quite place to worship and pray. All who come agree, the same spirit of love that built the church is still evident at San Secondo d’Asti today.