History of Our Lady of The Desert

At one of the Masses in 1973, Fr. James Ganahl of St. Joan of Arc announced that it was time for Apple Valley to establish its own church. And so St. David Parish was founded. The first church services were held in the auditorium of St. Mary Regional Catholic School.

The founding families of the new parish held Bingo games, church festivals and many other activities to raise funds for the new church in the Diocese of San Diego. At long last sufficient monies were on deposit and a new church could become a reality. At the same time, in 1978, the Diocese of San Bernardino was formed.

As time continued, continued, the parish name was changed to Our Lady of the Desert at the suggestion of the parishioners. The building was completed in 1983 and the dedication set. The High Desert Catholic Church, formally named Our Lady of the Desert, was born on August 15, 1983, and blessed by Bishop Phillip F. Straling, the new Bishop of the Diocese of San Bernardino.