Office of Ministry to Catholics of African Descent

The Office for Ministry to Catholics of African Descent serves African American and Caribbean Catholic communities as well as indigenes of different African Nations in our diocese, priests/parishes. It serves as advisor and liaison to the Bishop in all matters as it pertains to the communities the office serves. The office works in collaboration with the diocesan offices and ministries to reach diocesan goals and carry out the mission of the local Church. The office works to impact family, neighborhood, with the Gospel so that lives are filled with hope.

In accord with the National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC), the office strives to promote and model the principles agreed upon at the congresses. The congress meets every five years in different city here in US. At congresses participants agree to some action plans. These action plans become guides to all participants in carrying out their ministries in their different localities throughout the country, helping them to live out their faith.

Here in our Diocese, we especially work to evangelize in and within the communities already mentioned as well as all the other communities. The office listens to the needs, concerns and issues of the communities and communicates them to the appropriate diocesan office/s. The office acts as consultants to different ministries, always advocating for the primary groups it represents. It listens and provides nourishments as needed or advised by its Advisory Board. All are accomplished with the guidance of the diocesan mission statement.


David C. Okonkwo, Director
Phone: (909) 475-5194

Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Last Updated:Jul 13, 2023
Published:Jul 24, 2024 9:48PM

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