Feast Day December 12

Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, Riverside, honors the Mother of God under the title so dear to the people of the Diocese of San Bernardino. Our Lady of Guadalupe is its patroness.

It was in December 1531 when a town in Mexico awoke to a new beginning: The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Saint Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin at the Tepeyac hill and to his uncle Juan Bernardino at the town of Tolpetlac.

She left her image imprinted on Juan Diego's "tilma" or shawl as a sign to Bishop F. Juan de Zumarraga.

She healed Juan Bernardino's serious illness, and revealed her blessed name of Guadalupe.

She gave them the honorable task of "Building a Temple" that would be the home where she could share her tenderness, her maternal love and consolation with all the poor and weak "from all lands".

Our Lady of Guadalupe was declared the Patroness of the Americas by Pope Pope Pius XII. Our Diocese shares in that distinction: Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Diocesan Patroness.

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