Feast Day May 20

Born in the Tuscany region of Italy in 1380, St. Bernardine of Siena was left an orphan at six to be raised by aunts.

In 1404 he was ordained at 22. A traveling preacher, he became know for miracles associated with devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus. He kept a board with the letters "IHS" (the first three Greek letters of the Savior's name) surrounded by rays.

Many cures were reported by people who encountered Bernardine or looked upon the "Name". This holy man died in 1444.

Visitors to his tomb reported receiving miracles and Pope Nicholas V canonized him six years later in 1450. St. Bernardine is the patron saint of the Diocese of San Bernardino and the namesake of the city and county.

The symbolism on the Bishop's coat of arms honors Saint Bernardine, patron of the Diocese, who, tradition tells us, was the first to employ the monogram of the Holy Name, which is usually displayed on a sunburst, to promote the public devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus.

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