Lenten Video Series | Fasting

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Why renounce something? Why deprive oneself of it? The answer will not be complete, if we do not realize that man is himself also because he succeeds in depriving himself of something, because he is capable of saying "no" to himself. Man is a being composed of body and soul. Some modern writers present this composite structure of man in the form of layers, and they speak, for example, of exterior layers on the surface of our personality, contrasting them with the layers in depth. Our life seems to be divided into such layers and takes place through them. While the superficial layers are bound up with our sensuality, the deep layers are an expression, on the contrary, of man's spirituality, that is, of conscious will, reflection, conscience, the capacity of living superior values.

-St. Pope John Paul II


What are the layers that need to be peeled back from your life that will help you get to the core of your life? How do your “wants� keep you from God?

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