History of St. Joseph Mission

The Church of St. Joseph on the Soboba Reservation was established in 1883. Luiseno Indians came from San Luis Rey and were called the "Indians by the Sea" until they moved inland. At that time there were priests who would travel to where the Indians were living. Rev. Florian Hahn and Rev. P.J. Stockman traveled from Banning. In 1888 a mission was founded at Soboba by Fr. Stockman and was called St. Rose of Lima, who is the patron saint of Native Americans. The Soboba Reservation is on the eastern edge of San Jacinto. There are about 850 members living there. After an earthquack In 1899, St. Rose of Lima was rebuilt by the priest and parishioners in 1910. It was given the name of St. Josheph.
The Soboba Mission was under the Banning area, and in 1920 it was served by the churches of St. Anthony, St. Ysabel, and Pala. In 1954 it became a mission church with a resident priest. The Holy Ghost Fathers and St. Anthony took care of the mission. In 2000, Fr. Earl Henley, MSC became the resident pastor. Fr. Earl also serves St. Rosa, Cahuilla, Morongo, Pechanga, and Torres-Martinez. In 2004 the school of St. Jude began on the church property. There are 30 students from grades Kindergarten through fifth.