World Youth Day

WYD is an encounter of young people from all around the world with the Pope amidst a festive, religious, and cultural atmosphere, which confirms the dynamism of the Church and testifies the significance of Jesus in our lives. "WYD is much more than an event. It is a time of deep and spiritual renewal; its fruits benefit the whole of society" (Benedict XVI). It is an extraordinary way of evangelization to strengthen youth ministry. WYD is held every three years and the last one was held in Cracow (Poland) in 2016.

The initiator and first promoter of WYD was Saint John Paul II, who started this movement in order to enhance our personal encounter with Christ, which is life-changing. WYD also promotes peace, unity, and fraternity among people and nations, commissioning the youth as ambassadors of this message. Finally, WYD also develops methods of new evangelization for the youth.

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Meet The Team

The diocesan WYO team is in charge of the adaptation of the preparation material,creation and implementation of retreats, and accompaniment of parish leaders before, during, and after WYO. This team is diverse in ministry area, talents, experience in the process of WYO, age, gender, and ministry experience with youth and young adults.