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Message from Diocesan Director of Emergency Operations Collaborative

COVID Plasma Donors Needed - The Fight Is In Us Campaign To Find A Cure

As we continue to wage war on the COVID 19 virus, our efforts are succeeding – fatalities, hospitalizations and cases have decreased significantly. Now, the work begins - thorough medical and scientific research into the treatment of this virus – so that this particular COVID virus can be managed and ultimately contained with effective medication.
In order to do this, our hospitals and medical labs need PLASMA from those individuals who have HAD the COVID 19 virus. This plasma is used to TREAT THOSE WITH COVID NOW, who remain in hospitals and ICUs. It is NOT used in the research of any vaccine by pharmaceutical companies. Thus, there is no ‘fetal tissue’ issue in using blood plasma from COVID survivors to treat those existing COVID patients who remain hospitalized.
- Ann Marie Gallant, Diocesan Director of Emergency Operations Collaborative

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