Becoming a Priest

Diocesan Priesthood/Requirements for Priesthood

Procedures followed in Vocations office in accepting new seminarians to Serra House:
A man wishing to enter our seminary must:
  • Be a practicing catholic and involved in ministry of some kind
  • Have a healthy relationship with God, get along with people and show a concern for their welfare
  • Have a good recommendation from his Pastor
  • Have the ability and desire to live a celibate life
  • Fill out the necessary application and paperwork including recommendations
  • Meet on a regular basis with Vocation Office personnel
  • Attend monthly ‘Discernment meetings’
  • Be willing to be involved in social concerns
  • Have leadership qualities that can be developed - according to his age level
  • Be able to handle the studies required - General Education, Philosophy and Theology
  • Be in good general health
  • Be in good psychological health
  • Take the necessary psychological tests with a good recommendation from psychologist
  • Meet the Criteria to be hired through Live Scan process
  • Take the necessary classes needed for the Office for protection of youth.
Steps to becoming a diocesan seminarian:
  • Be presented by the vocation directors to the Admissions Team
  • Be recommended by the Admissions Team to Bishop Barnes
  • Be accepted by Bishop Barnes to begin studies for the seminary.