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About the Office of Vocations
In 1995, the Office of Vocations and Seminarians experienced a thorough evaluation under the directon of Bishop Gerald R. Barnes who was the Auxiliary Bishop then. At that time the two areas Vocations and Seminarians had one priest director. After the evaluation, the Office of Vocations became responsible for the promotion of Vocations throughout the Diocese of San Bernardino and for the recruitment, screening and admissions process for men who were hoping to enter the Diocesan Seminary. A sister was hired to be the Vocations Director. Junipero Serra House of Formation and all seminarians were the responsibility of one priest who became the Director of Seminarians and Rector of Serra House. This remains the way we function today.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Vocations Office is to help all people develop an understanding of the call to be a child of God. In doing so we promote vocations to lay ministry, religious life, diaconate and priesthood so that people's lives are filled with hope.
Office Purpose
  • To promote vocations to Priesthood, Religious Life, Diaconate and Lay Ministry throughout our Diocese.
  • To include priests, religious, deacons, lay people, parish and school staffs in the promotion of all vocations and work with Serrans, Knights of Columbus and other groups/organizations who promote vocations.
  • To increase the number of Diocesan seminarians.
  • To find creative ways to do the above.
Office Roles
  • To ASSIST people in their discernment process to discover God's plan in their lives.
  • To CREATE and develop ideas, materials, events and programs to help parishes, schools and other groups to promote vocations.
  • To PROVIDE opportunities for Discernment evenings, retreats and occasions to visit Serra House.
  • To COORDINATE Vocation Committees, Serrans, Knights of Columbus and other groups in efforts to promote vocations.
  • To RECRUIT work with and screen men who have the desire to become Diocesan priests for the Diocese of San Bernardino.