Office of Ministry With Young Catholics

The Ministry with Youth Office is committed to serving and giving hope to the young people of the Diocese of San Bernardino by providing resources, training, and consultation. The office strives to empower young people through fostering their holistic human development by means of the Total and Comprehensive Youth Ministry. Our goal is to help young people become true disciples of Christ in the world in which they live by encouraging full, active, and responsible participation in the life, work, and mission of the Church.


Edgardo Juarez, Director
Phone: (909) 475-5166

Guadalupe Romero, Youth Programs Coordinator
Phone: (909) 475-5168

Berenice Villa, Youth Programs CoordinatorBR> Email:
Phone: (909) 475-5169

Brenda Noriega, Young Adults Ministry Coordinator
Phone: (909) 475-5361

Reyna Tinajero, Administrative Secretary
Phone: (909) 475-5167

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30pm

Closed the 1st Friday of each month
Office hours 8:00am - 5:00pm those weeks

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Published:Apr 26, 2018 12:37AM

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