Coordinator of Victim Assistance Ministry
Sr. Rosaline O'Connor, R.S.M.
909.855.2296 | roconnor@sbdiocese.org
Hotline for Sexual Abuse Complaints: 1.888.206.9090

Diocesan Vicars
Vicar, the title of a cleric who takes the place of another according to canon law and exercises authority in an ecclesiastical office in his name in accord with the limitations laid down in the law.

Vicar General
Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez, S.T.L., V.G.
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
Voice: (909) 475-5120 | Fax: (909) 475-5109

Episcopal Vicar for San Bernardino Pastoral Region
Very Rev. Romeo N. Seleccion, M.S., E.V.
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5107

Episcopal Vicar for Riverside Pastoral Region
Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V.
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5107

Judicial Vicar
Fr. David Andel
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5320

Vicar for Deacons
Deacon F. Michael Jelley
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5119

Vicar for Priests
Very Rev. Msgr. Tom Wallace
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5459

Vicars Forane
Vicar Forane: a priest who presides over a vicariate forane / deanery (cf. Canons 553ff).

Hemet Vicariate:
Very Rev. Anthony Dao, V.F.

High Desert Vicariate:
Very Rev. John Fahnestock, M.S.C., V.F.

Lower Desert Vicariate:
Very Rev. Alex Gamino, V.F.

Riverside Vicariate:
Very Rev. Generoso "Gene" Sabio, MSC, V.F.

San Bernardino Vicariate:
Very Rev. Leonard De Pasquale, IMC, V.F.

West End Vicariate:
Very Rev. Benedict C. Nwachukwu, V.F.


Advisors & Advisory Bodies

Diocesan Curia
Curia (diocesan): those institutions and persons which furnish assistance to the bishop in the governance of the entire diocese, especially in directing pastoral activity, in providing for the administration of the diocese and in exercising judicial power (c.469).

Curia Members
Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes
Most Rev. Rutilio J. del Riego
Rev. David Andel, J.C.L., Canonical Services
John Andrews, Director of Communications
Laura Clark, Chief Financial Officer
Maria Echeverria, Vice-Chancellor (Apostolic and Ethnic Affairs)
Deacon F. Michael Jelley, Vice-Chancellor (Ecclesial Services)
Mary Jansen, Director of Ministry of Educational Services
Maria Sedano, Director of Department of Ministry Formation Institute
Laura Lopez, Director of Department of Pastoral Planning & Transitions
Sr. Sara Kane, Chancellor
Sr. Mary Chilee Okoko, D.M.M.M., Director of Life, Dignity and Justice
Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez, S.T.L., V.G., Moderator of the Curia
Very Rev. Romeo Seleccion, M.S., E.V., Episcopal Vicar
Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V., Episcopal Vicar

College of Consultors
Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes
Most Rev. Rutilio J. del Riego
Rev. Msgr. Thomas Wallace
Rev. Dennis Legaspi
Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez
Very Rev. David Andel
Rev. Thomas Burdick
Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V.
Very Rev. Romeo Seleccion, M.S., E.V.

Presbyteral Council
Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes, President
Most Rev. Rutilio J. del Riego
Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard Lopez, V.G.
Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V.
Very Rev. Romeo N. Seleccion, M.S., E.V.
Very Rev. Tom Burdick, V.F.
Very Rev. Leonard De Pasquale, IMC, V.F.
Very Rev. Anthony Dao, O.P., V.F.
Rev. Albert Utziq
Rev. Cletus Imo
Rev. Cristobal Subosa
Rev. Erik Esparza
Rev. Howard Lincoln
Rev. Javier Gonzalez-Cabrera
Rev. Jerry Ochetti
Rev. Manuel Cardoza
Rev. Michael Onwuemelie, C.S.S.P.
Rev. Msgr. Donald Webber
Rev. Pedro Enrique Amezcua, C.O.R.C.
Very Rev. Alex Gamino
Very Rev. Benedict C. Nwachukwu-Udaku, V.F.
Very Rev. Gene Sabio, M.S.C., V.F.
Very Rev. John Fahnestock, M.S.C.
Very Rev. Leonard DePasquale, I.M.C., V.F.

Council for Consecrated Life
Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes
Sr. Mary Frances Coleman, R.S.M.
Rev. Jim Gibson, CR
Sr. Judine Jacobs, SMIC
Sr. Mary Jane Kenney, SMSM
Sr. Pat Phillips, SHCJ
Sr. Claudia Ruiz, MSP
Fr. Gene Sabio, MSC
Bro. Anthony Scully, OH

Diocesan Boards

Ministerial Personnel Placement Board
Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes
Most Rev. Rutilio J. del Riego
Very Rev. David Andel, J.V. (11-20 years ordination group)
Very Rev. Anthony Dao (31 years plus ordination group)
Rev. Edmund Gomez
Rev. Erik Esparza
Rev. Manuel Cardoza
Deacon Michael Jelley
Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez
Very Rev. Romeo Seleccion, M.S., E.V.
Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V.
Deacon Steve Serembe
Fernando Solorio

Diocesan Commissions

Commission for Ministry with Families of Gay and Lesbian Catholics
Sr. Cathy White, S.P., Fr. Pat O'Hagan, SS.CC, Co-Chairpersons
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
Website: http://mfglc.wordpress.com
Fr. Pat O'Hagan: (909) 475-5455
Sr. Cathy White: (909) 475-5127

Ecumenical Office
Rev. Gregory Elder, Chairperson
St. Martha
37200 Whitewood Rd., Murrieta 92563
(951) 698-8180 | Fax: (951) 698-7353
e mail: gnyssa@verizon.net

Diocesan Committees

Diocesan Building Committee
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5305

Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V., Chairperson
John Fruciano, Vice-Chairperson
Norma Turner, Secretary

Committee Members
Very Rev. Thomas Wallace
Laura Clark
Eugene Ghinea
Ursula Hinkson
Al Martini, Consultant
Bill McKeever, Consultant

David Meier
Claudia Ortega

Diocesan Review Committee
Mr. Gerardo J. Lopez, Chairperson

Committee Members
Dr. Janet Chang
Rev. David Foxen, M.S.C.
Dr. Robert T. Ferrett
Mrs. Patricia Lopez
Rev. Santos Ortega
Dorothy Petrick
Judge Martin Swanson
Rev. Msgr. Mark A. Campbell, J.C.L.
Dr. Paulette Gorsuch

Ex-Officio Member
Steve Osborn, J.C.L.
Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez, S.T.L.

Pastoral Coordinator Staffing Committee
Vacant, Chairperson

Committee Members
Peter Bradley
Kathy Jeffries
Rev. Edward Molumby, S.T.

Diocesan Finance Committees

Diocesan Finance Council
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5150

Bruce Satzger, Chair
Charles N. Johnson, Vice-Chair
Dr. Donald Averill
Dr. Anne Cipta
Joseph Kuebler
Pat Loy
Pablo Malana
Rev. Michael Sturn
Michael Vanderpool
Very Rev. Tom Wallace

Ex-Officio Members
Most Rev. Gerald R. Barnes
Sr. Sara Kane, CSJ, Chancellor
Wilfrid C. Lemann
Very Rev. Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez, S.T.L., V.G.
Very Rev. David Andel, J.V.
Laura Clark

Ursula Hinkson
Peggy Koster
Theresa Montminy

Budget Committee
Bruce Satzger
Rev. Howard Lincoln
Donald Cavazos
Charles Johnson

Ursula Hinkson
Peggy Koster
Laura Clark

Catholic Foundation Trustees/Catholic Education Foundation Trustees
Michael Vanderpool, Chair
Dr. Anne Cipta
Charlie Johnson
Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez
Rev. Michael Sturn

Laura Clark

Financial Review Committee
Bruce Satzger, Chair
Robert J. Buhrle
Don Cavazos
Dr. Anne Cipta
Jeffery Rollert
Laura Clark
Ursula Hinkson
Peggy Koster
David Meier
Theresa Montminy

Investment Committee
Michael Vanderpool, Chair
Rev. Jack Barker
Frank Carey
Thomas Dominick
Edward Lasak
Pablo Malana
Duncan Webb

Anne Westreich, Verus, Inc.
Peggy Koster
Laura Clark

Diocesan Corporations
The Diocese has nine corporations and each has its own board.
Roman Catholic Bishop Diocese of San Bernardino, A Corporation Sole
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of San Bernardino, A Corporation Sole
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, President
Ken F. Sawa, CEO
John Kosta, Chairperson
Robert & Marilyn Akins
Dr. Donald Averill
Sr. Mary Frances Coleman, R.S.M.
Danette Cooper
Maria Jose Garcia
Candace Heaton
Dr. Edward Hess
Gerardo J. Lopez
Kelly & William Schlegel
Teresa Seipel
Matilde Servan
Marty & Mary Swanson
Laura Clark, CFO / Treasurer

Diocese of San Bernardino Education & Welfare Corp.
Board of Directors
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5437

Board Members
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President
Anne Marie Duncan-Saunders, Chairperson
Don Larkin, Vice-Chair
Amanda Alexander
Terri Carlos
Victor French
Tami Jimenez
Laura Lopez
Bernadette Pinchback
Mike Podegracz
Very Rev. Gene Sabio, M.S.C.

Ex-Officio Members:
Sr. Sara Kane, CSJ, Secretary / Treasurer
Ursula Hinkson
Mary Jansen
Wilfrid Lemann
Patricia Vesley
Laura Clark
Maribel Arguelles

St. Bernardine Plaza Corp.
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President
Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V., Chair
Rev. Leonard de Pasquale
Rev. Msgr. Tom Wallace
Mary Schmidt
Sr. Sara Kane, CSJ, Secretary / Treasurer

Ex officio member:
Laura Clark, CFO

Caritas Telecommunications Corp.
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President
Jim Pulver, Chair
Enrique Murillo, Jr., PhD., Vice Chair
Deacon Octavio Echeverria
Charlie Johnson
Maureen Kennedy
Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez, Vicar General
Bruce Satzger
Laura Clark, CFO / Treasurer

Ex officio member:
John Andrews
Eugene Ghinea

Blessed Junipero Serra House of Formation Corp.
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President
Very Rev. Msgr. Rafael Partida, E.V., Chair
Dr. Anne Cipta
Deacon Michael F. Jelley

Ex officio member:
Sr. Sara Kane, CSJ
Rev. Jose Sanz, D.L.P.
Sr. Sarah Shrewsbury, O.S.C.
Laura Clark, CFO / Treasurer

Land Development Corp.
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President
Very Rev. Msgr. Rafael Partida, E.V., Chair
Phil Burbach
Sr. Sara Kane, CSJ
Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez, Vicar General
Pat Loy

Ex officio member:
Laura Clark, CFO / Treasurer
Wilfrid Lemann

Diocesan Development Fund Corp.
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President
Very Rev. Msgr. Rafael Partida, E.V., Chairman
Joseph Kuebler
Laura Clark, CFO / Treasurer

Ex officio member:
Theresa Montminy
Wilfrid Lemann

Diocese of San Bernardino Cemetery Corp.
Most Rev. Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, CEO / President
Mark Mathews, Chairperson
Dr. Donald Averill
Richard Herbst, Secretary
Msgr. Gerard M. Lopez, Vicar General
Very Rev. Rafael Partida, E.V.
Laura Clark, CFO / Treasurer

Ex officio member:
Wilfrid Lemann

Catholic Insurance Services of the Diocese of San Bernardino Corp. Inc.
Mark Matthews, President
Wilfrid Lemann, Secretary
Laura Clark, CFO / Treasurer

Ministry of Ethnic Affairs

Chamorro Ministry
Andrea Santos, Coordinator
PO Box 893091, Temecula 92589
(951) 813-6543 | e-mail: santos_andrea@hotmail.com

Filipino Ministry

Rev. Arnel Macabio, M.S., Spiritual Director
Our Lady of Lourdes
10191 Central Ave., Montclair 91763
(909) 626-7278 | e-mail: liddun@yahoo.com

Elizabeth V. Manangan, Chairperson
3865 Owens River Lane, Ontario 91761
(909) 456-0830 | e-mail: beth@manangan.net

Indonesian Ministry
Yohannes Sebastian, President
14053 Capri Ct., Fontana 92336
(909) 899-9405 | (909) 210-6905 | e-mail: y.sebastian@yahoo.com

Rev. Adrianus Budhi, M.S.C., Chaplain
St. Catherine of Alexandria
7005 Brockton Ave., Riverside 92506
(909) 231-3973 | e-mail: adri.budhi@gmail.com

Korean Ministry
Korean Catholic Community - Riverside County
Rev. Young Seung John Han
St. Andrew Kim Dae Kon Korean Catholic Community
4140 Corona Ave., Norco 92860-1401

Korean Catholic Community - San Bernardino County
Rev. Jose E. Gonzalez Jaramillo
Christ the Redeemer
12745 Oriole Dr., Grand Terrace 92313
(909) 783-3811 | Fax: (909) 783-4689

Native American Ministry
Rev. Earl Henley, M.S.C.
St. Joseph Mission - Soboba Indian Reservation
23600 Soboba Rd.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1027, San Jacinto 92581
(951) 654-2086
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5346 | Fax: (909) 654-2086 (call first) | e-mail: nam@sbdiocese.org

Native American Reservations
Agua Caliente Reservation
(Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Palm Springs)
Agustine Indian Reservation
(Coachella, Cabazon Reservation, Indio)
Cahuilla Reservation
(Our Lady of the Snows Chapel, Anza)
Chemchuevi Valley Indian Reservation
(Havasu Lake)
Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation
Ft. Mohave Reservation
Morongo Reservation
(St. Mary Chapel, Banning)
Pechanga Reservation
(St. Michael Chapel, Temecula)
Ramona Indian Reservation
San Manuel Reservation
(St. Adelaide Parish, Highland)
Santa Rosa Reservation
(St. Rose Chapel, Mountain Center)
Soboba Reservation
(St. Joseph Mission, San Jacinto)
Torres-Martinez Reservation
(Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Chapel, Thermal)
Twentynine Palms Indian Reservation
Kateri Tekakwitha Reservation

Nigerian Igbo Ministry
Rev. Augustine L. Obasi, Chaplain
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
2713 S. Grove Ave., Ontario 91761
(909) 947-2956 | Fax: (909) 923-2946

Tongan Ministry
Roy & Nita Pomee, Leaders
Upland Community
1962 Avenida San Sebastian, Perris 92571
(951) 940-5933

Atu Vaipulu, Leader
Riverside Community
8269 Verbena Dr., Riverside 92504
(951) 689-8841

Vietnamese Ministry
Rev. Joseph Chuc Tran, M.M., Priest Minister
Our Lady of Hope
6885 Del Rosa Ave., San Bernardino 92404
(909) 884-6375 | e-mail: chucmm1961@yahoo.com

Rev. Aloysius Thoai Tran, C.M.C., Parochial Vicar
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
5250 Central Ave., Riverside 92504
(951) 364-1929 | e-mail: luisthoai@yahoo.com

Rev. Vincent Thanh Au, C.M.C., Parochial Vicar
St. George Parish
505 N. Palm Ave., Ontario 91762-5819
(951) 223-9575 | e-mail: fathervincentcmc@gmail.com

Rev. Ignatius Hai Duong Nguyen, C.M.C.
Shrine of the Presentation
1775 S. Main St., Corona 92882
(951) 739-0462 | e-mail: nguyenhaiduong@sbcglobal.net

Rev. Luc Tran, Administrator
St. Joseph
17080 Arrow Blvd, Fontana 92335-3807
(909) 882-0566 | e-mail: luctran9@earthlink.net

Vietnamese Bilingual Religious Education
Sr. Mary Tin Nguyen, L.H.C., Coordinator
(909) 609-4203 | e-mail: marytin@sbcglobal.net

Our Lady of Hope, SB
(909) 885-7472

St. George, Ontario
(909) 460-1578 ext 108

Sr. Maria Hang Le, L.H.C., Coordinator
(909) 514-0586 | e-mail: srmhanglhc@yahoo.com

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Riverside Cell Phone (951) 689-8921

Catholic Apostolic Groups and Movements
The following ministries have received diocesan recognition and have permission to exercise their ministry in the diocese:

Asociación Escuela de la Cruz
Hector Andrade
32429 Lakeview Terrace, Lake Elsinore 92530
Home: (951) 674-8651 | hectorandrade777@yahoo.com

Catholic Committee on Scouting
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Mary Kleinvachter
44750 Highway 371, Aguanga 92536
(951) 767-0667| scouting@sbdiocese.org

Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Strives to embrace the principle of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.
Melody Ciaravino
6294 Elias St., Corona 92882
(714) 676-7461 | littlelady_39@yahoo.com

Catholic Men's Fellowship of California
Ben Hernandez
4076 Wayne Ct., Riverside 92504
(909) 238-5273 | hernandezb808@gmail.com

Couples for Christ
Couples for Christ (CFC) is a Christian family life renewal program. CFC is a work of Christ which raises up Christian couples and establishes Christian families committed to the work of evangelization and winning the world for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ricky Coronel, Jr.
6827 Burke Ct., Chino 91710
(909) 591-4195 | Fax: (909) 591-6315 | e-mail: rcor950825@aol.com

Cursillo Movement
The goal of the movement is that Christ be the prime influence in society. So it is said that the Primary objectives of the Cursillo Movement are to develop in adult Christians a consciousness of their power and mission to become leaders in the work of Christian renewal, and to sustain them as they provide a Christian leaven in civic, social and economic life. This "Christianizing of environments" is what the Cursillo Movement is all about.

Olivia Obregon, English-Language Director
35405 Calendula Circle, Winchester 92596
(951) 926-1778 (Home) | (951) 833-5584 (Cell) | oobregon306@gmail.com
Len Robrigado, Filipino Group, Lay Director
16147 Talbet Ct., Chino Hills 91709
(909) 815-4801 | lrobrigado@gmail.com

Manuel Diaz, Spanish Director
3350 May Ct., Riverside 92503
(951) 966-6558 | cmandiaz@yahoo.com

Van Hoang, Vietnamese Director
15750 Avenida de Calma, Moreno Valley 92555
(951) 505-7910

Desert Refuge for Peace Officers
The Desert Refuge for Peace Officers is a place of hospitality, healing, and solitude for law enforcement personnel and their families. The Refuge welcomes all races, cultures, and faiths in the Catholic ecumenical spirit, to foster personal and spiritual awareness rooted in God's love for all.

Rev. Michael McCullough
2515 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Los Angeles 90008-2728
(323) 298-7174

El Shaddai
The El Shaddai DWXI-PPFI, Inc. is a worldwide non-profit Catholic Renewal Movement whose aim is raise up a community of generous-faith-filled believers of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as recorded in Acts 2:42-47, which by Divine Guidance and Providence has now miraculously established these communities in many countries around the world. The brothers and sisters in El Shaddai are called not for any personal gain or glorification, but to share the light of Christ Jesus, and the joy of our Salvation and the power of our faith from the layman's point of view and experience.

Lina De Mesa
3726 Solandra St., Perris 92571
(951) 657-9017

Engaged Encounter
Provides quality marriage preparation primarily for couples who are planning to marry in the Catholic Church. However, couples who are not Catholic are also welcome to attend one of our weekends. The program is available in most dioceses in the United States and in many locations internationally. A wedding is a day.... A marriage is a lifetime!

Andrea and Vidal Leon (Spanish)
41280 Lily Ave., Murrieta 92562
(310) 293-4054 | andreliz18@hotmail.com

Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
The purposes are strictly religious and charitable. Members are committed to sustain and aid the charitable, cultural and social works of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, particularly in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Greg and Densy Chandra
7135 Hidden Ct., Highland 92346
(909) 556-1180 | gdfpa@aol.com | gmchandra08@gmail.com

Escuela de Evangelizacion Nazareth (E.D.E.N.)
E.D.E.N. is an instrument of service that provides formation to groups committed to evangelization and training evangelizers through a comprehensive and progressive teaching of the catechism.

Vicente Prado
(951) 805-4243 | e-mail: escuela.eden@yahoo.com

Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women (F.C.C.W.)
The Fellowship of Catholic Christian Women seeks to help women grow in their faith and relation with God. Their fellowship exist for the purpose of evangelizing women, building a faith community, promoting the development of the spiritual life of every woman, and actualizing the group ministry.

Mary Kay Woodward
2744 W. Rialto Ave #36, Rialto, Ca 92376
909-820-1659 | e-mail: gramma-lola@att.net

Italian Catholic Federation
The purpose of the Italian Catholic Federation, (IFC), is to uphold and develop the religious spirit among its members and to spread that spirit among all people outside of the organization. ICF supports parishes and schools with service, outreach and scholarships. Beyond this, we sponsor dinners, dances, trips and fiestas because we believe social interaction (FUN) is important.

Jack Grisafe, District President
10880 Citrus Ave, Fontana, CA 92337
(909) 829-1837 | jgrisafe@att.net

Jovenes Para Cristo
As the Association of Jovenes Para Cristo / Young Adults for Christ, our mission is to bring the good news of the Lord to all ( Matthew 28, 18-20) through a formation process that seeks to be comprehensive, continuous and systemic. That also supports life in a multi-cultural community within an ecclesial reality, creates responsible leaders that work towards a life of peace, charity and justice, and that by experiencing a sincere conversion, may be living examples of Christ in the world today.

Alberto Flores
670 Buena Vista Ave., Pomona 91766
(909) 568-8817 | coordinacionajpcsb@gmail.com

Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal benefit society that was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works. Monies are raised for an annual Seminarian Burse in our Diocese.

Dietrich Rubelius, Diocesan Liaison
36204 Golden Gate Dr., Yucaipa 92399-9737
(909) 797-3428 | e-mail: opaomarube@verizon.net

Knights of Peter Claver
It is a family-oriented group for men, women and children. KPC exists to foster and sustain Catholicism in the black family, to promote education and provide leadership to men, women and children.

Ladies Auxiliary, Knights of Peter Claver
The Knights of Peter Claver was established by four Josephite priests and three laymen in Mobile, Alabama in 1909 when blacks could not join Knights of Columbus. In 1926, the organization expanded by welcoming Catholic women into its ranks, thus the Ladies Auxiliary was recognized as a division of the Knights of Peter Claver. The Ladies Auxiliary provides social, spiritual and intellectual opportunities for its membership as they seek to portray by example and deed the higher principles of Christian Womanhood. Their motto is to promote Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.

Clarise Bronson, Grand Lady
St. Martin de Porres Court #257
1371 W Norwood St., Rialto 92377
(909) 874-9863 | cjbronson@hotmail.com

Magnificat-Maria Reina de la Paz
The Visitation is the inspiration for this international ministry to all Catholic women. Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth, this woman-to-woman ministry attempts to generate a lively faith in God along with a love for Mary and the Church. Meets four times per year to praise and worship Jesus, share a meal and fellowship, promote Mary as role model and listen to a speaker give personal testimony to the workings of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

English: Angela Ponder (formerly Martinez)
51888 Avenida Mendoza, La Quinta 92253
(760) 564-7457 (home) | (760) 238-6316 (cell) | angelamponder@gmail.com

Spanish: Claudia Castorena
PO Box 3005, Mecca 92202
(760) 396-9100 | ccastorena@galileecenter.org | www.galileecenter.org

Rev. Mike Barry SS.CC., Spiritual Advisor
(909) 889-2558

Marriage Encounter
The Marriage Encounter Weekend is a positive and personal experience for a couple, which offers them a technique of loving communication that they can use for the rest of their lives. It’s an opportunity to look deeply into their relationship with each other and with God. Also, it's a time to share their feelings, their hopes, fears, joys and frustrations. Marriage Encounter is a Catholic expression open to all happily-married couples regardless of faith, race, age, education, or financial status.

Calvin and Katie Dehesa
10156 Norwick St., Rancho Cucamonga 91730
(909) 215-4700 | (626) 991-2959 | dehesafamily5@gmail.com | website: www.sb-wwme.org

Eduardo and Mayra Silva
404 West St., Upland 91786
(909) 373-5414 | mayrabarcegon@hotmail.com

Marriage Enrichment
The mission of Marriage Enrichment is to strengthen marriage through a spiritual, experiental-based process that places God at the center. This is accomplished through a parish-based marriage program for married and engaged couples that fosters commitment and growth, develops couple leadership, provides mutual support, and builds community.

Clayton & CeeCee Trejo
1473 E. 13th St., Upland 91786
(909) 985-7864 | cmttrejo@yahoo.com

Movimiento Familiar Cristiano
Is a group of families of goodwill that promote moral and Christian values in our society. Es un groupo de parejas de buena voluntad que promueven los valores humanos, morales y Christianos en nuestra sociedad.

Guillermo and Carmen Navarro
13514 Fremont St., Fontana, CA 92336
909 782-3232 (cell) | 909 463-6372 (home) | e-mail: guicar12@verizon.net
Fernando and Sonia Martinez
951 760-8726 | e-mail: fermartinez65@gmail.com

Prevención y Rescate

Acacio Soto, Executive Director
31-700 Happy Valley Dr, Desert Hot Springs 92241
760-601-6608 | acaciosoto@ymail.com

A program specially designed for troubled marriages, Retrouvaille consists of a weekend experience and a series of 12 presentations offered within the three months following the weekend phase.

General: (800) 470-2230

Peter & Jan Lauder (English)
800 E Hermosa Dr., Fullerton 92835
Registration: (714) 871-5953

Laura and Alfonso Lopez (Spanish)

(951) 756-2610

Serra International
Serra International is dedicated to the work of fostering and affirming religious vocations. District 157 comprises four local Serra Clubs functioning in the Diocese of San Bernardino.

Margie Hillard
21130 Hansen Rd., Nuevo 92567
(951) 928-4404 | nursemargie67@msn.com

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul leads men and women to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering. Our role is to provide loving and compassionate interest in individuals who are suffering.

Joe DelGuidice
6185 Magnolia Ave., Ste. 247
Riverside 92506
e-mail: SVDPCouncil@aol.com
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9274 Alta Loma, CA 91701
Central Council Office: 117 W. Nicolet Street, Banning, CA 92220
Council Helpline: 1-888-681-2282
Council Email: council@svdpsanbernardino.org | Council Website: www.svdpsanbernardino.org

Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta (Order of Malta)
The Order of Malta is a lay religious Order and its members include Professed Friars and others who have made vows of obedience. The majority of Knights and Dames are lay members, devoted to the exercise of Christian virtue and charity. Knights of Malta are committed to reaching their spiritual perfection within the Church and to expending their energies serving the poor and the sick. The Order's motto "Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum", defense of the Faith and Assistance to the Poor and the Suffering, become reality through the voluntary work carried out by Dames and Knights in humanitarian assistance and medical and social activities.

Mr. Patrick A. Ortiz, K.M.
6 Cushing, Ste. 200, Irvine 92618
(949) 753-1414

Su Misericordia
The purpose of the organization is to cooperate in the Mission of the Roman Catholic Church in outreach to the poor by influencing systemic change in the region of Maneadero, Mexico. We provide formation for youth through a missionary experience in preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation and adult missionaries serve through work, fellowship, prayer, reflection and Mass that is part of everything we do.

Ana Gmeiner, Director
862 W. 19th St., Upland 91784-1502
(909) 919-8102 or (909) 331-7348 | dgmeiner@live.com

Talleres de Oracion y Vida
The workshop does not establish church groups nor prayer communities. It offers a limited and humble service: teaching how to pray and how to live an authentic Christian life. Learn to pray, learn to live.

Magdalida Ruiz
1320 Latham St., Colton 92324
(909) 835-5219 | magdalidaruiz@yahoo.com

World Apostolate of Fatima (Blue Army)
The apparitions at Fatima and the subsequent apparitions to Sister Lucia clearly indicate that Our Blessed Lady is asking for a deeper love and reverence for the Holy Trinity leading to amendment of life, for prayer and penance in reparation for sin, for the conversion of sinners, for a more genuine devotion to the Eucharist, devotion to the Rosary and for consecration to her Immaculate Heart. The urgent necessity for a response to this message, and for the active promotion of it, in the interest of salvation of souls and of peace, is by God’s grace the moving force behind the spread of the Apostolate of Fatima throughout the world.

Judith DMello
(760) 246-6891 | judy4jafra@gmail.com

For more information on the diocesan recognition policy, contact: Maria Echeverria, Vice-Chancellor, (909) 475-5140

Ministry for Special Needs

Catholic Committee on Scouting
The Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting supports youth and adults of the Diocese involved in local scouting programs. It provides annual retreats and days of recollection for youth as well as adult training. The committee supports programs for all youth both young men and women. A Religious Emblems Ceremony is held annually in the fall, usually at the Cathedral.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
Mary Kleinvachter
44750 Highway 371, Aguanga 92536
(951) 767-0667 | e-mail: scouting@sbdiocese.org

The following ministries are wholly independent of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Services
St. John of God Health Care Services
PO Box 2457, Victorville 92393
(760) 241-4917 | Fax: (760) 241-8911

Holy Family Services
Adoption and Foster Care
(800) 464-2367

Martha's Village
Gloria Gomez, Executive Director
837-91 Date Ave., Indio 92201-4737
(760) 347-4741

Mary's Mercy Center, Inc.
Mary's Table provides hot meals, clothing and food distribution (call for days and times).
Michael J. Hein, Administrator and Vice-President
641 Roberds Ave., PO Box 7563, San Bernardino 92411
(909) 889-2558

Veronica's Home of Mercy
Home for women as an alternative to abortion and / or homelessness; a ministry of Mary's Mercy Center, Inc.
Debbie Olguin, Director
PO Box 7464, San Bernardino 92411
(909) 888-9064


Sacred Heart Retreat Camp
Operated by the Sisters of the Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart
896 Cienega Rd., PO Box 1795, Big Bear Lake 92315
(909) 866-5696

Camp Mariastella (Girls)
Operated by the Sisters of Social Service
Located in Wrightwood
4316 Lanai Rd., Encino 91436
(818) 285-1555

Retreat and Renewal Center

Divine Word Retreat Center
Operated by Divine Word Missionaries
11316 Cypress Ave., Riverside 92505
(951) 689-4858

El Carmelo Retreat House
Operated by the Discalced Carmelite Friars
926 E. Highland Ave.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 8067, Redlands 92375
(909) 792-1047 | Fax: (909) 798-3497

Kkottongae Retreat Camp
Operated by the Congregation of Kkottongae Sisters of Jesus
37885 Hwy. 79 South, Temecula 92592
(951) 303-0421

Missionary Encounter Retreat Center
Operated by Priests of Holy Cross and the lay people of the Valley Missionary Program
52565 Oasis Palm Ave., Coachella 92236
(760) 398-9277 | Fax: (760) 398-9281

Oasis of Peace Retreat and Cultural Center
204 S. Calle El Segundo, Palm Springs 92262-6601
(760) 534-4440 | email: oasisopeace@aol.com

Sacred Heart Retreat Center
Operated by the Sisters of the Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart
896 Cienega Rd.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1795, Big Bear Lake 92315
(909) 866-5696

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary House of Prayer
Operated by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
32481 Sage Rd., Hemet 92544
(951) 767-1774

St. Anne in the Mountains
For daytime conferences, meetings, retreats
30480 Fredalba Rd.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2400, Running Springs 92382
(909) 867-2832

Vina de Lestonnac Spirituality Center
Operated by the Sisters of the Company of Mary
39300 De Portola Rd., Temecula 92592-8758
(951) 302-5571 | Fax: (951) 302-2830

Catholic Hospitals

St. Bernardine Medical Center
Operated by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
Steve Barron, CEO / President
2101 N. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino 92404
(909) 883-8711

St. Mary Regional Medical Center
Operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
George Perez, President
Donna Oliver, Senior Vice-President
18300 Highway 18
Mailing Address:
PO Box 7025, Apple Valley 92307-7025
(760) 242-2311 | Fax: (760) 242-9750

Apple Valley
St. Mary Regional Medical Center
Chaplains: Fr. John Congdon, Dr. Jean Donovan, Sr. Mary Jo Piccione

Pastoral Care Department: Joy Smith
18300 Highway 18, Apple Valley 92307-0404
(760) 242-2311 x5375

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
Chaplain: Rev. Miguel Urrea
400 N. Pepper Ave., Colton 92324
(909) 580-1000 x1019

Kaiser Hospital
Chaplain: Rev. Javier Gonzalez-Cabrera
9961 Sierra Ave., Fontana 92335
(909) 427-5000

Hemet Valley Medical Center
Chaplain: Rev. Jospeh Deniger
1117 E. Devonshire Ave., Hemet 92543
(951) 929-6131

Loma Linda
Jerry L. Pettis Memorial Veterans Hospital
Chaplain: Rev. Leonard Mestas
11201 Benton St., Loma Linda 92357
(909) 825-7084, Ext. 3010

Loma Linda University Medical Center
Chaplains: Revs. Stanley Onwuegbule, John Gunningham, Jorge Garcia
Barton and Anderson Roads, Loma Linda 92354
(909) 796-7311, Ext. 44367 | or page # 8088

Loma Linda Veteran's Administration Hospital
Chaplain: Rev. Michael McNally
11201 Benton St., Loma Linda 92357
(909) 825-7084

Patton State Hospital
Chaplains: Revs. Ned O'Donnell, Ignatius Rodriguez
3102 E. Highland Ave., Patton 92369
Direct (909) 425-7429 | General: (909) 425-7000 | Fax: (909) 425-7520

Rancho Mirage
Eisenhower Medical Center
Contact: Susan Skora
39000 Bob Hope Dr., Rancho Mirage 92270
(760) 340-3911

Redlands Community Hospital
Contact: The Holy Name of Jesus
115 W. Olive Ave., Redlands 92373
(909) 793-2469

Kaiser Permanente Hospital
Contact: Queen of Angels Parish
4824 Jones Ave., Riverside 92505
(951) 689-3674

Riverside Medical Center (Kaiser)
Contact: Celestine Afugwobi
10800 Magnolia Ave., Riverside 92505
(951) 353-2000

Parkview Community Hospital
Contact: St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
3774 Jackson St., Riverside 92503-4399
(951) 689-1131

Riverside Community Hospital
Chaplain: Rev. Adrianus Budhi M.S.C.
4445 Magnolia Ave., Riverside 92501
(951) 781-9855 | Cell: (951) 231-3973

Riverside University Health System
Chaplain: Rev. Eunan Asomugha
56520 Cactus Ave., Moreno Valley 92555
(951) 486-4000
Chaplain's Office: (951) 486-4334

San Bernardino

St. Bernardine Medical Center
Chaplains: Rev. Msgr. Antonio Sudario
(909) 881-4525

Rev. Joel Kelly, O.S.B.
Sr. Teresa Maher, C.PP.S.
(909) 881-4525

Patient Representatives:
Sr. Edith Judge, C.C.V.I., Sr. Ursula O'Keefe, C.C.V.I., and Sr. Kathleen Daly, C.C.V.I.
2101 N. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino 92404
(909) 883-8711

San Bernardino Community Hospital
Chaplains: Rev. Celestine Mbanu
805 Medical Center Dr., San Bernardino 92411
(909) 887-6333 x1415

Mailing Address:
PO Box 2072, San Bernardino 92406

San Antonio Community Hospital
Contact: St. Joseph Parish, Upland
(909) 981-8110

999 San Bernardino Rd., Upland 91786
(909) 985-2811

(Archdiocese of the Military Services, U.S.A.)

Fort Irwin
Chaplain: Rev. John Congdon
National Training Center Chapel
PO Box 105053 Building 315
Fort Irwin 92310
(760) 380-4211 or (760) 380-4212 or (760) 646-1181 | e-mail: jlcongdon@msn.com

U.S. Marine Corps
Command Chaplain Office
Marine Corps Logistics Base
Barstow 92311
(760) 577-6849

U.S. Marine Corps
Chaplain: Rev. Steven Hicks, LCDR, USN
PO Box 78810, MAGTFTC, Twentynine Palms 92278-8100
(760) 830-6646 or (760) 830-4490 | Fax: (760) 830-4491

Chuckawalla Valley State Prison
Chaplain: Deacon H.K. Han
PO Box 2289, Blythe 92226
(760) 922-5300, ext. 6244

Ironwood State Prison/
Chaplain: Deacon Mike Heidenreich
19005 Wileys Well Rd., PO Box 2229, Blythe 92226
(760) 921-3000 or 1 (888) 296-9029 | e-mail: rrusk@sbdiocese.org

California Institute for Men
Chaplains: Rev. Eugene Eburuche, SMMM
(909) 597-1821 x4152
Sr. Elizabeth O'Keefe, R.S.H.M
(909) 597-1821 x5652

PO Box 128, Chino 91708

California Institution for Women
Chaplain: Ms. Maryloyola Yettke
16756 Chino-Corona Rd., Corona 92880-9508
(951) 597-1771

California Rehabilitation Center
Chaplain: Mr. Terry Harder
PO Box 1841, Norco 92860-0991
(951) 737-2683, ext. 4305

San Bernardino
Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center
351 N. Arrowhead Ave., San Bernardino 92401

Contact: Restorative Justice
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5474

San Bernardino County and City Jails
630 E. Rialto Ave., San Bernardino 92408

Contact: Restorative Justice
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5474

West Valley Detention Center
9500 Etiwanda St., Rancho Cucamonga 91734

Contact: Restorative Justice
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5474

San Bernardino Juvenile Hall
Rancho Cucamonga Juvenile Hall

Contact: Restorative Justice
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5474

Federal Correctional Institute
Chaplains: Rev. Innocent Emechete
13777 Air Expressway Blvd., Victorville 92394
(760) 246-2400 ext. 2408

For all other detention ministries, contact Restorative Justice
1201 E. Highland Ave., San Bernardino 92404-4641
(909) 475-5474